Welcome to Sandeepan School Khambadakone

Khambadakone is a small hamlet on the West Coast of Karnataka situated on the national highway No 17, in the middle of a cluster of villages. With the Arabian Sea in the vicinity on the west, a magnificent view of the Western Ghats in blue splendour in the east, boating in rivers, trekking in the mountains, scenic spots, places of religious and historical importance within easy reach, this area has interesting possibilities. The area is inhabited by small and medium farmers, retail shop owners and self employed people, agricultural laborers and a small number of white collar people like teachers, rural bank employees etc. This is the most backward part of Udupi district of Karnataka State. While the villages located on the highway have good bus transport facilities, interior villages are not adequately covered. Educational facility is available in Khambadakone in the Kannada medium through schools run by the district administration on government support. Though the local people like their urban counterparts, desired to have English medium education for their wards, no such facility was available till around 1989-1990. It was at that time the local people approached the trustees of Shri R.K. Sanjiv Rao Memorial Charitable Trust to start an English medium school. That was how Sandeepan came into existence.