Science Exhibition

The Science Exhibition is conducted annually on the 26th of January, Republic Day. Students set up their experiments depending on the area assigned to them and interact with parents, teachers and their peers. Through this annual event we aim to inculcate a genuine intrest in the Sciences while giving the children enough freedom to make their imagination run wild.

Sports Day

At Sandeepan, we believe that sports are an integral part of an educational experience. Sports teach life-skills such as teamwork, acceptance and brings a healthy and friendly competition amongst the children. We conduct an annual Sports Day where teams participate in a series of matches and individuals take part in races like the sack race or the lemon and spoon race. This event is not to create a sense of victory or loss, but a method of recreation where children can be supportive of friends and develop confidence in themselves.

Yoga Day

International Yoga Day, 21st of June, is a day where the entire school participates in a yoga session during the morning working hours of the school. Some of our teachers who are quite experienced in the field take initiative to impart their knowledge.

School Day

Music, Dance and Drama are a prominent part of the Sandeepan curriculum, but we take the last few weeks before the winter vacations to put up a show filled with performances from every grade for the parents. School Day is an eventful day where the morning to noon session includes performances from the Primary School children and the lower grades of Middle School and the evening session is a series of performances by the High School students. Apart from dance, drama and music, School Day is used as a platform to conduct a Prize Distribution to those who hold an excellent academic record, won competitions or have achieved any accomplishments in the academic year.