We may be a small institution in an even smaller location, but we are well equipped with facilities in order to support and strengthen our students' eductional experience. We have 42 well-ventilated classrooms with more coming up in the new block. Apart from the classrooms, we have

  • A science Lab where experiments for all sciences are conducted
  • A library with an expanding collection of classics, fictional, education, non-fictional and children's books
  • A Computer Science Lab equipped with several systems
  • Two play pens for primary and nursery students

We have a transport system consisting of 14 school buses which travel long distances to provide transport for those who are in need of it. We also provide our children with wholesome mid-day meals which we cover in the fee structure. Additionally, the school has CCTV surveillance in all public areas and also has a backup power supply to combat the fluctuating power and the uncertainty of electricity in the rural location of the school.

Most of our students come from areas far away from the location of the school and they are forced to stay hungry either because of their socioeconomic condition or just a lack of time. To us, school is not just a place to learn some chapters from a textbook, but a home. A home where a child can feel safe, taken care of and happy. Every day we serve our children nutritious, balanced, healthy, wholesome mid-day meals during lunch time. Though the menu is quite simple, for most of the children, lunch break is a much awaited time of day. We wish to keep our children well-fed and healthy, and we do as much as we can to achieve this. Our cooks and other staff members maintain a clean kitchen which functions efficiently on a daily basis to ensure a smooth lunch break and clean, sanitary environment. Our staff immediately collects all the dishes and begins washing the utensils almost immediately, thus cleanliness is maintained at all times.

We believe in rendering a hollisitc learning in our institution and so, we have implemented Scouts and Guides as an elective extra-curricular activity for our students. Our children enjoy learning self-sustainance, values and life skills. Learning to become a responsible citizen of a country or society is just one of the many learning outcomes of this program.


Due to a lack of resources, funds and space, our children engage in an array of sports activities like Volleyball, Cricket, Throwball, Badminton and Kho-Kho all on the same field. Additionally, there are table tennis tables and equipment indoors. The children have a sports room equipped with not only balls and racquets, but also javelins, discuses, shotputs, hoops etc at their disposal.

Cultural Activities

One of the mottos of Sandeepan is to encourage art forms from a young age. The Arts are mostly considered a waste of time, vain and are not valued as much as Sciences, Math or Commerce. We however believe that art, in any form, plays a vital role in shaping a child's future. Given that we are located in one of the most rural areas of India, most parents do not support their children in the arts stream or even sports for that matter. Our aim is to help promote art forms as a form of learning. This is one of the main reasons why we included Yakshagana as one of the arts offered at Sandeepan along with the conventional Music, Dance and Drama. It is one of the few art forms native to Karnataka, but is now fading into oblivion. Our Headmaster, Mr. B. Vishweshwara Adiga trains our students in this art form and writes storylines as well. Our goal is to not only engage our children in the dance-drama but also protect the dying artform. We also give our students an option of taking part in District and State level Music, Dance, Drama and Qawali competitions. We make it a point that our children learn the importance of cultural, ethnic and religious diversity while being sensitive towards different beliefs.