Mr. B. Vishweshwara Adiga

Mr. B. Vishweshwara Adiga (M.A, B.Sc, B.Ed) has been the head master of Sandeepan School since 2004. He is a renowned academician in the area and served as the headmaster of Rattu Bai Janata Girls High School, Byndoor before joining Sandeepan. Under his leadership, Sandeepan School has grown from around 100 students in 2004 to close to 1700 students in 2019. He specialises in English, Kannada, Mathematics and Science subjects. Mr. Adiga is also an expert in Yakshagana, a local folk art form.

Assistant Headmistress

Mrs. Jyothi Maiya

Mrs. Jyothi Maiya (M.A., B.Sc, B .Ed) as been with Sandeepan School since 1988. She specialises in Mathematics and Science subjects. Mrs. Maiya is also an very good singer.

Our current school strength is of 1698 students, and our faculty consists of 59 teachers, making the teacher to student ratio 1:28.

Here is a list of the teachers divided into primary, middle and high school teachers.

Nursery Teachers
Teachers Total
7 (B.A, NTC/D.Ed) 7
Primary Teachers
Science/Math Teachers Social/Arts Teachers Total
17 (B.Sc, D.Ed/B.Ed) 18 (B.A, D.Ed/B.Ed) 35
High School Teachers
Science/Math Teachers Social/Arts Teachers Total
8 (B.Sc/M.Sc/M.A, B.Ed) 9 (B.A/M.A, B.Ed) 17

Apart from teachers, our faculty includes qualified office staff members, three clerks, a librarian, 14 bus drivers and 15 attenders.